Magic the Gathering Tactics

Okay my time with this game, like to many others was all to brief, but I had a

pretty good time with this one. If you like strategy card games IRL, Magic

brings this card game from a 2D world to the sexy 3D. It’s a turned based

game (which I’m okay with in this case), the characters are beautifully

rendered and the game’s basics are fairly easy to grasp.

It took only a few minutes for me to grasp the basic working of a game I

originally had some difficulty grasping. I enjoy the easier to play card games

with depth for strategy and customizability; and this offered both in good

measure. It offered new life to an already rich card game and gave the cards a

life of their own, while providing the player a more tangible 3D look into the

world of Magic The Gathering. Its game-play is smooth, and pretty easily


The graphics are pretty impressive, and it’s overall seemed pretty fun. There

will be a starter deck offered within the game, and one will be able to get more

cards (probably purchased online) to build and refine their decks and show

their strategic capability. It should be out on PC and probably PS3 fairly

soon. Potentially later being expanded to perhaps another console

(Xbox360?); so if you’re all about strategy and love the thought of seeing

your cards kick your opponents ass on the screen visually IRL, or if you just

love the game of Magic the Gathering, then keep your eyes open for Magic the

Gathering Tactics.

-Talor Williams


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