XSeed and Falcom have taken on the Ys series and exceeded expectations in

Ys Seven. As a former Ys player and a fan of non-turn based RPGs I found this

game a promising improvement upon the Ys franchise. First off Ys offers its

players a classical RPG gaming experience upon the PSP Platform.  Its Real-

time hack and slash action rendered with a fairly beautifully designed

backdrop will have you absorbed in your adventure.

The title’s heroes Adol and Dogi are back at it again in this installment of the

series and are embarking upon a long journey to save the kingdom of Altago.

The meat and potatoes of the game are as follows: the story is a classic save

the kingdom’s bacon plot, with endearing characters, and the usual twist and

turns RPG players crave. The graphics are overall fairly impressive rendered

in gorgeous 3D for the PSP, full of vivid color and the nifty sprites of RPG old,

revved up and better rendered for the PSP. The graphics are pretty good,

though admittedly there will likely be times when the character rendering is

not necessarily on the same level.

Gotta love this statue...guardian thing.

However, do not despair, for just because the backdrop outshines the

character art a tad bit, the monsters are all on equal ground with the graphics

of the background which offer plenty of rich color and clarity. Furthermore

this game features a new twist on the weapons systems. Basically where in the

older game I played you’d get weapons and upgrade them throughout the

game, powering up existing skills while getting a few newer ones; Ys7 offers a

whole bunch of weapons with unique skills, and once they are learned

through repeated use of the weapon, they are available to you forever

beyond that point. In addition, you get to choose which buttons will deliver

which skills.

You can have a party of about 3 or four, but are provided a substantial roster

of characters you can swap in when you need them. You also have the luxury

in this game of saving anywhere you like (which is an improvement in my

humble opinion upon the older title I played). You can actually set the AI’s to

do pretty much what you need them to do (or not do), and then switch to

whoever you need to get the job done (Sonic Heroes status). If you need the

swift warrior, use our boy Adol, need a heavy hitter, then Dogi comes in with

the heat, need an archer got that…and so on.

Is that Green Day?!?!?

You are given all you need to give the enemy a good ass kicking and in the

long run and feel cool whilst doing it. So despite the character graphics being

a tad bit on the grainy side at times when compared with the amazing

background; the story, characters, and game mechanics provide an all

around fun and fantastic 30+ hours of game play for the PSP; and the save

anywhere comes in pretty handy if you ask me. Lastly if you have a newer

generation PSP, the experience can be enhanced by hooking up to your TV or

LCD screen making the adventure a little crisper. So if you see it and are

looking for a hot RPG title to take you away Ys Seven promises to give you the

gamer loving you need on the go.

-Talor Williams


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