Ever get bored with the status quo? Want to experience a wider variety in

your gaming experience, perhaps expand your horizons? Or perhaps you’re a

new on the scene savvy game developer wanting to prove your worth and

test your creations’ prowess and viability on the market? Well if you have

internet, check out the website. They have more than a

gamer need in variety and numerous games to help you banishing boredom

with ease and level yourself up.

They offer a place for developers to test out their creations, bringing them

an outlet to come out into the scene. Not only that, but these people are

extremely generous as well; who else offers contests for both gamers and

developers, with gifts as sweet as HD TVs or a $100,000 gift to the most

gifted developer (without even asking for the rights to your creation!).

I must say that I kind of fell in love with these people at E3 for their boldness

and enthusiasm. But in all seriousness, the IndiePub offers a number

of opportunities beyond just entertainment; and I’m confident they’re

generosity will be rewarded sooner rather than later.  This website is not only

a gift to the consumers and developers of games; but I have a hunch it offers a

relatively rare but valuable insight into the gaming market and trends within


So I decided to let everybody know about it simply because the more people

who know about it and participate, the greater the potential for this website’s

already impressive “Greatness”. Think about it, with all those players and

developers going at it, they’re sure to create something magnificent. So if you

need something to make the gaming experience more refreshing, check out! The more, the merrier; we can’t all just play with


-Talor Williams


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