DC Universe Online

Now I had the privilege of testing this game out and I am already a comic

book fan (especially for DC comics), so I was looking forward to this game.

From what I experienced it has a lot of potential, and was relatively fun, but

was lacking in one or two more than likely correctable areas. The graphics

were impressive, and the character art even more so, they even had a Batman

and Superman armored suit (why superman even needs a suit is beyond the

question for moment). However, I had some trouble mastering the controls

for different superpowers which could have been made a little simpler, but

the superpowers themselves were not so bad. I did however have a bit of

trouble figuring out what certain superpowers did to help you at times, which

took some trial and error.

Royal Rumble!!!

The world could have been made a little more destructible, but was fairly

alright, it stuck to a past formula it seemed. The guidance as to what to do was

pretty straight forward; go to glowing spots which indicated bad guys. You

could team up with friends to kick ass but it would have been nice to see some

team techniques/specials here. I liked how the story had this issue style so

instead of it being just a game it had the comic book feel. They will more than

likely feature all your favorites from the DC universe and probably with

alternate costumes (a must have as a superhero). However the controls

seemed a bit over sensitive, specifically during flight which had me struggling

to stay on course and land (though that may have been the camera angles).


I love the DC universe, and the game does have potential, but it would shine a

lot brighter when these things are addressed. Besides DC, not unlike Batman

tend to have more than a few tricks up their sleeves or in their utility belts. So

I will wait and see. My advice is to aim to make this game a bit closer to the

earlier Justice League Heroes game (specifically in controls, sensitivity, and

camera angles), because I found that game to play very nicely. If they’re

anything alike by the time DC Universe Online is fully launched around

projected date of November 2010, it game-play should be pretty smooth for

everyone (a big thing for an MMORPG). If that is addressed, and the comic

book feel and superhero game play stabilized, it’ll be a superb game.

-Talor Williams


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