Marvel vs. Capcom 3

The Marvel Vs. Capcom has always been hit or miss with me. Mostly miss. However that doesn’t mean that this game isn’t enjoyable to me. Although I’ve never been the hugest MvC fan I must say I actually do enjoy this game. In fact more so than MvC2, now I know for many of you hardcore players that’s got to be the biggest form of blasphemy I can spout off. Hear me out before you start trying to make hot sulfuric acid rain on my house.


I will start off by saying the game looks very well done. You have got to appreciate the 3D or a 2D plane and just how crisp everything looks. MvC3 also has a great selection of characters and the system of combat is easier this time around to me. In MvC2 a lot of stuff would happen to my team if my opponent jumped high and as soon as he came back down id be down one whole character. This time around it’s a little more fixed than before.

Ryu left the fighting world to enter the Cirque Du Soleil with Deadpool

However I will not say that this game does not have its problems and believe me there are A LOT of them. First of all this game has the WORST underline WORST story ever. The ending “cut scenes” are not worth the retarded storyline play through. You play the game and get a 15 second clip in story book format telling you absolutely nothing.

Battle of the kitty claws.

Second off the online play is terrible instead of actually viewing matches you see to cards shaking at each other I guess to simulate some sort of fight. Also the new simple mode has got to be the stupidest feature added. Hey guys thanks for completely alienating your players that are ACTUALLY TRYING TO LEARN HOW TO PLAY EFFECTIVLEY. You can waste your time learning how to combo and get wrecked by a guy using simple mode. Now maybe you can get past all those flaws but one thing that has pissed off almost everyone is the character choices. She-hulk!? Who the fuck wants to use She-hulk?

Need I say more?

Modok!? Are you serious? Yeah way to go clearly these are characters with longevity. Now I know what you’re thinking, “How do you like this game again?” Good question the fact is I do like it better than MvC 2 but that’s not saying anything. It’s like saying diarrhea is better than throwing up. Overall it’s a slightly ok game but I would not recommend buying it. Rent it or play your friends copy. I’d give this game a 5/10 and don’t buy it. It’s not even slightly worth the full retail price.

-Justin Garcia


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