Mirror’s Edge…2?

EA Games seems to be on a stand still as of late in the case of the sequel of their hit game, Mirror’s Edge.  In early December it was reported that the development of the game had been halted.  There was a prototype released in late November but was soon rejected, Patrick Soderlund, EA’s driving and shooter game head man said the game didn’t match up with the expectations in terms of sales. DICE, the branch of EA working on the project also stated that they are working on another separate title to which the details have yet to be released.  It is said that the extra man power is being put towards Battlefield 3 the third installment to the Battlefield franchise in order to continue the ongoing and somewhat pointless battle towards the Call of Duty series.  Frank Gibeau EA’s games boss said the games execution was less than what he expected claiming the game’s learning curve took getting used to in terms of controls, figuring out the puzzles, and getting that fluidity that the gamers wanted out of Faith the main character, as well as the fact that it had no multiplayer.


These are all things that were issues listed in another successful game, Assassin’s Creed. The first title had a series of issues and yet it still was made into a 3-4 game franchise. All the fans of Mirror’s Edge were expecting it to be coming like another Assassin’s Creed phase, first game was awesome with a few glitches here and there and a good load of naysayers yet Ubisoft still took a bold move and jumped in with a second installment and blew the market up.  Who is to say that EA can’t make the same move with Mirror’s Edge? No more than 2 months after the announcement of the halt on Mirror’s Edge 2, EA came out to say that the title was still important to them, well, is it honestly?  “Patrick himself seems to have Mirror’s Edge near his heart, but they are not in the business of charity,” states Eurogamer.  Charity, what charity would be involved in making a second installment to an already great game?  The game landed an average of 8/10 in all aspects of reviews yet the company thinks that the game didn’t meet expectations, and they are going to put the extra man power on the new installment of Battlefield 3?

Look ma no hands.

EA needs to give it up they aren’t going to beat the Call of Duty franchise at their own game, they’ve already tried it with Medal of Honor and that didn’t go so well either.  Mirror’s Edge was a unique and very fluid new game that took a lot of people by storm and threw them in a whole new perspective of gameplay. Rather than trying to fight the competition head on with a cheap knock off bring a title that they can’t compete with or compare themselves to.

-Sebastien “Lobo Nerd” Dumareille


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