Pokémon Black and White…WHY?

Now we all remember the first generation releases in 1998 and since then the franchise has grown into a phenomenon that has continued for at least 13 years. Now Black and White is the latest installment to the Pokémon series and this fifth generation of Pokémon leaves me with one question, WHY?

Who the hell designed this city. I'd fire the architect who made this piece of shit.

This series has gone on for so long and no matter what it’s the same game you played 13 years ago. Enslave wild animals and have them do your bidding by fighting other animals. Rinse wash and repeat. Even though there are slight improvements in the look and style of battle at the end of the day you win badges and catch all the Pokémans. Now I was a big fan of the craze, I still have some of the cards, figures and hell I still have the old games. However I stopped playing after crystal because even at that early stage I could see the repetition. Although at least in the early days the Pokémon looked decent I don’t what these hideous abominations are. They look like something you’d give Charlie Brown for Christmas. “I got a 360, I got a laptop, I got a Snivy.”

Yup Snivy is all into that red fire ass.

What the hell is this? You have this weird blue otter thing mixed with a clown a fire pig, aardvark spring tailed freak and a pedophile green snake. If you look at the picture above he’s eyeing pig with a really awkward look in his eye. What kind of sick sex offender green lizard snake thing is this? This isn’t a weird hentai is it?

done by epoose...yup.

Maybe I’m just angry because I feel that the nostalgia factor that kept the old games alive for me is being destroyed maybe I just hate the young whippersnappers who keep asking for more games. However, I think we can all acknowledge that even though the game is very pretty looking it’s time to bury this franchise.

It looks great but that's it.

I went to GameStop to put and reservation on Conduit 2 and I forgot that the same day Black and White came out and I spoke to a guy who came in on a bike and two kids. The conversation dragged on until I said, “it’s the same damn game.” And they all said yeah you’re right. Wow Game Freak, Nintendo, stop making games that even your die hards admit are no different than the previous generations. I don’t even know how many Pokémon there are anymore and honestly I really could care less. The Pokémon franchise has gotten way past old. It’s so redundant now that even the titles are falling apart. They went from colors to minerals and jewelry and whatnot now back to colors. What next? To quote a friend of mine the next two are gonna be eye infection pink and beat your meat purple and I’d hate to see the starters for those. *Shudder

~Raging Crow


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