Dissidia Final Fantasy: Duodecim 012 Review

Raging Nerds

When Square Enix decided to put a fighting RPG game on the market, it was pretty much a hail mary throw, especially when the game was made for the Sony PSP. That is, until the fans cried out for more of the insane action-cenematic game. They decided to release another called Dissidia Duodecim 012.

Story: 5/10

THIS MEANS WAR!: The Story is basically the same as the last game with a minor tweak; they added the “Twelfth Cycle” of the battle between the Gods Cosmos and Chaos. Simply put that the second game is the prequel of the first game, so it depicts the final battle of Lightning, Laguna, Vaan, Tifa, and Yuna against the unending horde of “Manikins”: crystalized versions of the characters in the game. Honestly, I don’t want to ruin the game for you, but sadly the game’s story well… sucks. For a Square Enix title, the story is rather mundane and cliche for the brand “Final Fantasy”. Another downer for the new title is that they just seem to added a small portion of the game since the whole premise of the first Dissidia game is also present.

Game Design: 8/10

Best death ever.

Wow! More Stuff?!: We would be lying if we said that this game feels new to us, because to be honest, this game seems just like an upgraded version of the first game. Everything from the first game is present here, but the people at Square Enix made it so that it ACTUALLY feels new. They bombarded the new game with a lot more things in terms of items, characters, a new storyline, gameplay style etc. in turn, if you look closely, it is basically the same game as the first, but with so much more, it also feels like it is new.

UPGRADE!: If you don’t find anything new added to the game, it’s more likely that they added upgrades to some areas of the game, the first you’ll notice is some gameplay enhancements like the assist guage where you can summon and allied character to do additional damage to your foe, also a faster paced gameplay and new character attacks. The interface also recieved some new advancements in terms of multiplayer and how the interface looks.

 Gameplay: 9.5/10

High Speed, Low Drag!: The main thing about Dissidia is it’s gameplay. The formula of the mixed RPG and fighting mechanics really work well for the Dissidia brand, think almost as cinematic as Advent Children (and for you people who don’t know that movie shame on you) but a tad faster. It was a risk making a fast paced game a tad faster but take it from me that it is still a very fun game to play.

Wait…What?!: One of the favorite things I liked about the game is the fact that there are a lot of changes added to the characters both in looks and gameplay style. Most, if not all the characters in the game has recieved new types of perks and attacks. I won’t tell you what they are because there are simply so many of them and I basically want you to see and experience them for yourself.

A Whole NEW WORLD: If you played the first game, one of the most annoying things was the chess board styled gameplay during story mode and trying to get as many destiny points without wasting more that the given movements. The new system is a better version where you can travel and explore the world of Dissidia. There are flaws though it’s cool that you can explore the world somewhat freely at first, but then it gets redundant when you keep visiting the same world for almost all Cosmos’ Characters.

Dealing the ultimate strike.

Presentation: 9/10

Very Very Pretty: I like Final Fantasy at some degree, but even more so now, because of its sheer beauty in its looks. Square Enix has almost never gone wrong with making the Final Fantasy Series look so beautiful and this one is among the best looking games for the PSP. When you start up the game and just look at the opening, you know you’re in for a treat.

Music is the soul: Nobuo Umematsu, If you don’t know his significance in the gaming industry and Final Fantasy then I say you should do a tad more research because I don’t have to explain any further.


Overall: 8.5/10

When I picked up the game for the first few moments I was worried that the game was just Dissidia 1.5 with no major upgrades, but once I dove into the realm of Cosmos and Chaos, I found myself immersed inside the world of Square Enix. This game didn’t change much from the first game, which companies would find a high risk plan; but simplicity is what made this made great and I’m proud that Square Enix didn’t change their formula. So from me to you Square Enix I give you a high five.

-Jassi Patayon


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