The More The Merrier

Capcom brings 4 more friends to the party with the soon to be released SSF4 Arcade Edition. Now, in addition to the pair Yun and Yang from the 3rd Strike crew, you get Oni Akuma and Evil Ryu. Yun, Yang, and Evil Ryu play the same as their later versions, with both Yun and Yang dashing across screen at a speed that rivals Cammy, and Evil Ryu playing as a mix of both the series hero and his rival Akuma combined.

New to the mix though is Oni Akuma. He brings never before seen moves such as a flying overcut and a Ultra gohadouken, that can be done both in air and on the ground. Hes as beefy a character as ever, with relatively slow movements but hard hitting attacks. One thing Akuma fans will be happy to know is that Raging Demon can now be used mid air and is timed slightly faster. His second Ultra forces you into the air and, if hit fully on the first strike, follows with powerful shoryukens to the opponents exposed back. Appearance wise, Oni Akuma resembles a Super Saiyan with the beads from his ripped off prayer necklace floating around him like dragon balls from the series. He is a much eviler version of regular Akuma with the mindset to grind all that exists. He is also the only character to physically grab defeated characters, then smashes their heads into the ground.

To try these new characters for yourself go to your local arcade, or wait until June 7 for the downloadable and June 28 (June 24 for Europe) to buy the disc version of the game.

oni and ERyu


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