Premature Emaculation

There’s alot of praise that PSN is back up, but it may be too soon. Sony has given the PlayStationNetwork until May 31 to be back up and running. And though this is a good sign as to PlayStation allowing full service once again, I’d urge gamers not to count their eggs before they’ve hatched. The last time Sony turned PSN on it was only for a few hours, before being hacked again and turned back off. What’s for certain is that for now PSN is to a degree back on.

The PSN Store itself is not on. And online use as far as the internet and game play is slow and choppy at best. For those who do wish to see what their friends are up to once again and sign into PSN, you’ll need to go through a long process of updating and installing the new PS3 version, as well as change your current password once you do. Then you will once again be able to lurk the gaming statuses of your friends and search the web. Features not involving the PSN Store itself are now functioning, though they may take more than one try to connect.

What is to be avoided though is the PlayStation Home Mall. Once entering PlayStation Home, you may interact with other players. The problem is the mall has shops which portal you to a connection to the PlayStation Store. Because the store is locked but the internet is not, PSH will continously try to access the store, leaving your PS3 in a “Loading Limbo” from which the only escape is to quit the game. As I said, this is a promising step to full activation of the PlayStation Network, but only a step. May we hope for the best, and prepare for the worst.


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