On A Stranger Tide

_Now, before we get started, I just want to say this isn’t another Pirates of the Caribbean fan review. I haven’t seen either of the other two movies and beyond what Wikipedia’s database has, I have had now prior experience of anything Pirates of the Caribbean related. I came into this movie knowing only two things, the actors and that their would be pirates. Lots of pirates.

_That being said, I really enjoyed the movie. It was a good film all around. Are there plot holes? Yes. Can it be a little corny? Yes. But it is a good movie. And those are the things you let go of in order to enjoy a movie like this. It’s entertaining. The music and sound are excellent in a subtle way that both drives the action on scene and doesn’t make itself overbearing to the film. The acting is just to the edge of ridiculous, but fitting to the feel the film wants. Its a light hearted movie that can actually give drama and suspense. Oh, and vampire mermaids that seduce you and take your meats. Don’t mess with those mermaid, Ariel will eat you alive. This was a solid, light, good time movie that held my interest the entire way through.

_Now to get to the geek. The digital work done with this movie was amazing. The blend of both real and digital photography was seamless. Above is Gore Verbinski talking about the process used to make it all. It isn’t image capture with a digital overlay, its digital reworking using life as a guide for the animation. Its a slow and tedious process but the results speak for themselves. There are parts in the movie where Blackbeard uses the power of his ring to make the ship come to life and attack a rebelling crew. The real into digital are identical, including the details of the threading of the rope. The mermaids were in incredible detail down to the scales and skin. Not a single hiccup or abnormality. The pristine digital work was what made the world of Pirates so easily believable. It was consistent and in inarguable definition. It’s an example of the break through in digital arts and mapping, a good sign of things to come. This same standard in excellence could become a standard in all digital media.


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