Prisoners Farm Gold; RockStar Grows Content

Recently reported, the Chinese labor camp Jixi in the Heilongjiang province has a man, Liu Dali, who spent his 3 year sentence farming gold on World of Warcraft. The prison leaders made more running a gold farm than making the inmates do their jobs. Virtual gold trade is no small business for China. Figures from 2008 show that the virtual currency trade pulls in 300 million US dollars a year.

China is also in charge of 80% of all gold farming, most of which, is inside the prison system. Chinese prisoners farming gold work 12 hour shifts. And to keep production high the computers stay on all day.

From imprisonments to releases, next week RockStar Games plans to release new downloadable content for its blockbuster game L.A. Noire. This includes new cases and other prerelease retail store exclusives. This means all of you PSN and XBoxLive users who were worried about your online buying abilities, RockStar has faith you’ll have them back by next week. This also means for everyone whose powered through the game, you’ll have more to put your crime fighting skills to the test.


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