Final Fantasy 13 Part 1


Raging Crow gives his first part on an ongoing walk through review on one of the most empty final fantasy games to date


One comment on “Final Fantasy 13 Part 1

  1. I know I’m totally like not talking to you or the crew right now.
    But I have to agree, FF13 sucked with a vengeance .
    I don’t seriously think I would say I played it , I just keep pressing the autobattle button to get to the next cutscene . Up until the part with the turtles that wont F###king die
    Anyway, this was a funny a@@ video .

    And if I’m talking to you guys when I have money next month I’ll buy y’all a gift
    40$ HD Camera , once you guys have this your website’s power level will be OVER 9000.

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