The Witcher 2

Game : The Witcher 2
Platform : PC
Score : 9.5

The Witcher 2 is a great game, there’s little to argue there. But it suffers for what it is, a true made for PC game. It’s the kind of game that’s purely designed for a comp, and well-designed at that. But being a PC game, it’s at the mercy of the player’s technology, and won’t give the best experience without an up to date powerful computer. I have an HP entertainment computer. It’s made for running well for gaming. Not the best, but well. And when I first started I had choppy sound and visuals running on the default settings of the game. When I lowered the setting I still ran into some of the same problems, but it was still relatively smooth. But running at the lowest level takes away from the immersing feel of the environment. It’s safe to say with the recent release of the first patch, covering the image skips, we can bet fixes to all the problems will come with time.

That being said, on a computer with the most up to date processing and video technology, The Witcher 2 is a truly encompassing sight to behold. It gives the same moral options as any Fable or inFamous type of game, but with a far more immediate outcome. What you do and how you do it directly impacts the story as you play through to discover how you came to be where you are and where you’re going from there. The back drop to the game is a pre-modern medieval age where hand to hand combat with forged weapons are made to do battle with. You’ll need to use a mix of sword, potions, and magic. There’s a lot to balance and in real time, so you’ll need to have already had some RPG experience under your belt to fully handle the game system.

But the game does give you options to accommodate all skill levels. First time RPGers will want to set it to beginner. This mode gives you twice the health and twice the hurt when you’re fighting. There’s also Normal, Hard, and Insane. Insane gives you a RPG on a real life basis. One try, one life. And if Geralt of Rivia dies, you can’t save from where you were. You have to start from the last save you made. This gives a subtle nod to the RPGs of old like Super Mario (it counts). Players will first want to get a handle on movement. The game gives you two ways to control the player. First is through the keyboard and mouse, which is what most PC gamers have come to use as a staple. The other is the ability to use an XBox360 controller (or emulator) as a gamepad, for a more console feel. This brings both facades of gamers together in an experience they can both share. The visuals are amazing in this game, something the developers didn’t have to limit themselves on in order to make a console game. The only thing more beautifully done than the imagery is the story.

In the world of The Witcher 2, everyone has their own reasons and flaws. The people with the noblest causes can have the ugliest approaches, and the people with the most revered ranking, can have a scathing personal belief. No one is pure and clean, and it’s up to you to decide in the grey areas of morality what is right. Or most right, as you will find yourself thinking. This game will test personal beliefs while you go through the most practical simulation of real life predicaments since The Sims.
All in all, if you have good enough machines, The Witcher 2 is a great game to buy and an amazing experience. And the only thing that makes it imperfect is that the technology as far as visuals and sound are so next level that it’s ahead of its time for anyone still in the now and doesn’t have a machine (PC) for the future.


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