PlayStation Store Back Online…?

Say what?! Free PSN Games…oh, those games…

If you don’t know yet, PSN (Playstation Network) is semi-finally back up online, at least we assume it’s back online. The store made its comeback on Wednesday, surprised as I was since E3 is just a few days away. I was actually expecting them to announce it, but since it’s back, I was itching to get me a piece of them freebees with their welcome back package; which sadly made me wait for 2 days!

To tell you the truth, I am somewhat disappointed with the free stuff they’re letting us have. Well, of course that’s just my opinion, but if you haven’t played or owned most of the thing’s Sony is letting you have, then it feels like Christmas to you then; sadly for me, I own most of these games and eve watched most of the movies they’re letting us RENT, that’s right, RENT! Not even own, to make it worse…

Ok, just to let you in on the stuff here’s what they offer:

2 choices of Playstation 3 games:

–          Dead Nation

–          Super Stardust HD

–          LittleBig Planet

–          Wipeout HD

–          InFamous

2 Choices of PSP games:

–          LittleBig Planet

–          ModNations Racers

–          Pursuit Force

–          Killzone Liberation

“Rent on Us”:

–          Ghostbusters

–          Badboys

–          Final Fantasy: Spirits Within

In addition, you get a free 30 day subscription of PSN Plus (60 days for current members during the outage) and a free trial period for Qriocity.

See, it ain’t half bad, it’s just that it doesn’t appeal to most people who own or aren’t interested in the games they offer. To be honest, I would actually prefer if Sony just gave me a $40 PSN credit for anything I want because: for one it’s fair for everyone and two, I have more options to choose from.

It’s nice to hear from Sony after such a long absence, and they’re actually giving attention to their customers for the “intrusion” that occurred. I am disappointed at Sony for failing to see the security behind their network, though I AM more pissed at the people who “intruded” the network.


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