E3 :: PSPVita

Now I’m a Sony man. And I’m still salty about the rocky road between me and them, but we’ve covered that already. What we haven’t covered is their new device to keep me on the bandwagon, the PSPVita. Now a wise man once told me you learn by failing, like with Mortal Kombat or Acclaim, well Sony sure did learn a good lesson from the PSPGo. What they did is take the PSPGo’s positives and the PSP3’s positives and slam them together for a powerhouse portable system.

This little handheld does what your console can do and adds the ability to take it with you, which was the goal of handheld gaming from the get go. Not only can you play the same titles as your console comrades, you can play against them online, and keep in touch through the PlayStation Network, when it works (like I said, still salty). The system has amazing graphics and processing, which is expected because it claims to keep up with consoles. It’s also has the comfortable shape of an original PSP but the bonus of a touch screen and another joystick. You can download from the PlayStation store or use your UMDs (the problem that sunk the PSPGo).

But most important to me, no more glare on the screen. PSPs were notorious for being useless in the sunlight without maximum backlighting, which drained the battery like crazy. The touch screen technology fixes this problem the same way an iPhone is visible in the direct light. And there are two versions. A wifi only version of the PSPVita will cost you a smooth 250, and a 3G enabled version of the system will have you chunking out 50 more bucks. But the 3G is through AT&T, so you’ve got to make your own call if you want it.

From what I’ve seen I can say it’s a definite contester to the Nintendo 3DS, where you have to choose between glasses less 3D and two screens or a true console equivalent handheld experience with the ability to play against your other PlayStation pals. It’s a real show out and a definite for my wish list.


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