Best of E3 Winners!

There’s a lot to be said about industries that get an award, but the award we usually give isn’t the ones for those of Call of Duty or Halo. It’s for those people who dedicated their blood, sweat, and tears to just make a game that captures the essence of true gaming, which includes originality, creativeness, innovation, fun, and simply making us go WOW…I want that. So for those companies and creative teams here, we salute you and urge you to keep doing what you’re doing.

Best Fighting Game:

Street Fighter X Tekken:
OK, to be honest, we were kind of nervous to hear that a 3D fighter like Tekken is going to be fighting in a 2D plane, that is, until we fell in line and ACTUALLY PLAYED THE GAME! This is fighting game done right! The thing is that it combines the action and fun of Street Fighter with the strategy presented in Tekken. So, with that, we’re proud to present them with this award! Oh, and did we mention Air-tag juggle?

Best Real-Time Strategy:

End of Nations:
Ever wanted an MMO that gives you the ability to conquer the world with awesome semi-futuristic units and have your teammates join you in conquering the map? Yeah, this is pretty much the game you’re looking for. It wouldn’t be a surprise since this is from the company who brought us Rift.

Best New Mini:

What’s a mini? it’s those small games you usually find on Xbox Live or PSN that you download for less than 10 bucks. To that, we give the award to Akimi, why? Because of the cute nature and addictive quality behind the game. Think Lemmings combined with Animal Crossing. Yeah…you know what we’re talking about!

Best Action Game:

Batman Arkham City:
Superheroes are hard to come by in a game, and when Arkham Asylum was announced, we were nervous on how the game was gonna turn out. Now that there is an Arkham City which is the second title in the Batman series, you can just tell how successful they were.

Best Classic Revived:

Sonic Generations:
This is a rarity, we actually found a Sonic game that we like! Sonic generations promises to keep everything good about Sonic minus the bad parts. See, it isn’t hard to make a sonic game, it just takes simplicity and this is basically what most gamers are actually looking for. It’s also great with the option of 3D which brings a whole new meaning to high speed, low drag.

Best MMO:

Have you ever seen MMO as great as this? Yeah, we haven’t neither, that’s why we’re giving them this award because the unreal engine just makes this fantasy game look more fantastic than it actually is. With in-depth, fast paced action, it is no wonder we can’t get enough of the game!

Best Gadgets:

Nox Audio & Razer:

Face it gamers, you can’t play games without awesome gear; that is why the award goes to the people of Nox audio with their fantastic product called the admiral; trust us when we say that it is something you need to see for yourself. We also present this award to Razer, because simply put that everywhere we went to E3, most of the PC gaming booth has something Razer whether it maybe the keyboard, mouse or both! Did we mention: Awesome LCD changing, Starwars keyboard and mini-laptop?

Best Add-on:

DC: Universe Online:

Face it, ever since the dawn of the next-gen consoles, add-ons have been such a necessity to enhance what already is a complete game by adding more content. So who had the best add-on on the E3 floor? Why DC: Universe Online of course. The new add-on will feature the Man of Steel’s own backyard, The Fortress of Solitude. It’s a nice place if ask us, until Brainiac comes in to steal the spotlight.

Best Shooter:

Blacklight Retribution
Shooters…it is what made this side of the world deadly! Well, in terms of gaming and Operation: Blacklight nails it just right with their beautiful looking game and customizable weapons. Honestly we were blown away, literally when the 12-foot armour of craziness entered the battle and we had to scramble!

Best RPG:

Norse Mythology, Check. arcade gameplay addiction, check, tremendous amount of spells, check. multiplayer, check. Well, it sound’s like a perfect game to me. It is rare to see RPGs with out the heading of Square Enix or Atlus to the title that are worth mentioning, but Magika sets itself so different with the ability to check out more spells than you can count in just one sitting.

Best New Device:


Just to make it clear, we didn’t like the idea that Sony was gonna partner wit AT&T with its 3G capabilities. Think about it though, just subtract that and put, six sense motion, touch screens on both sides, intense power enough to rival the PS3 and Xbox 360, cameras, dual joy sticks, and the price of $250?! You said what again about AT&T?

Best Booth:

Perfect World:
We don’t award booths based on booth babes, big screens, and loud sounds (we just admire them for a very, very long time); we award them becaust they come all the way to E3 to prove a single point: shock and awe. See, we’ve played everything Perfect World (or at least we think so) from Legend of Martial Arts to the Perfect World game itself and we were’t that blown away. Until, somebody in Perfect World decided to change their game plan: Increase the action throughout all their games. This year and next is something to watch out for Perfect World because their world just got a little more perfect.


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