Green Lantern

There’s a lot to love in the Green Lantern movie. You know what to expect from Ryan Reynolds no matter who he plays, arrogance, ego, and cockiness. He is a type cast actor, and he does his type justice. Lucky for him that’s just the type of guy the Green Lantern is at the beginning of the story. DC gave a little of its Spiderman-like origin humor in this film, giving what could have been an overbearing story on justice and hope a light and funny feel. To be blunt, Hal Jordan is an egotistical ass with failure issues because his dad died in a horrible accident and the world expects him to be just as great, with less of the dyeing part. He’s a quitter before he has to try. Which I’m sure for this generation is a pretty relatable plot line. He isn’t rushing off to save people, or getting kittens out of trees. And as a Lantern, he’s looked down on and belittled because his race is young (Racism on the white guy, that’s new). But he learns what all the Lanterns must have forgotten while they were out being “The Ballin’ Ass Space Police”. He learns that sometime you have to just shut up and quit your bitchin’, to save the world.

There’s no glorification of anything human but the human spirit, otherwise were the space communities punch line. But good old Hal makes us look good. If you were expecting Sinestro to be the yellow jack-ass we all know and love, you can count your lose now. He’s still a jack ass, but instead he’s rocking’ the green and leading the good fight. The end of the world ass in this film is Hector. He’s your standard unrecognized nerd. But any nerd who can play life like a god-game has a pretty good chance of overstepping sensibility. He’s scaring people, sabotaging planes, just messing up everything. And his head swells up like he’s got a brain cold sore. If you wanted a nice little story where everyone lives, it’s not happening. In this film anyone can get it. Lanterns can die, mass groups of people can die, planets can die, your friends, your family, anyone can get it. What I like best is that science saves the day, isn’t that something. All this makes Green Lantern a Go See movie. It’s got action, adventure, thrills, and if you sit to the end you might get a surprise. But don’t go to the 3D version. It wasn’t shot to be in 3D and the 3D version feels secondary, added on, and scrappily done. And you’ll look cooler without the glasses.


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