Resistance 3

Honestly, I don’t know how long it has been since the last Resistance game and to tell you the truth, even though I forgot the time when Resistance 2 came out, it still feels like yesterday when I played the game. Now, after a long wait, will the new resistance create a new leader? Or will we regret losing Nathan Hale (SPOILER) in the previous title?

The Story: Fighting back?!  It’s all about survival now!

Four years have passed and the earth has been taken over by the chimera and there are no more big armies that would even try to face them head- on. So it’s all on the remaining resistance to fight against the chimera threat, only this time to survive it all… At least that’s what it seems at first.

This time around, Joseph Capelli takes charge of the resistance. To be honest it feels refreshing to play as a non military character in the Resistance world. Joseph is just a typical average Joe, the chimera are the least of his worries and survival is more of his focus; though as fate would have it, the game will give him a damn good reason to start fighting back.

The story has its ups and downs but the perspective of the small pockets of Resistance members that you see along the way that will keep you interested. It’s as if you were playing Resistance 2 and this game is basically showing you what’s happening at the non-military front. The down side at times is the fact that along the way, I did get some urges to just simply skip the cutscenes and just get to the shooting part.

Gameplay: My God… These weapons…

Dear developers, if you need weapons for your , Insomniac is one of the go-to developers to get some really great ideas. The Resistance classics are still present plus more. Back in the previous games I’ve always thought that the shoot-through-the-wall gun was an amazing, unstoppable weapon against the chimera; until I met the shoot-a-blackhole-electrocute-and-explode gun, since naming it the atomizer is not nearly as awesome enough. Plus all the weapons are upgradable, so it makes pwning a lot more fun to watch.

Where’s the army?

To be honest, the biggest thing I will miss from previous Resistance games are the big firefights and the epic huge battles, but hey that doesn’t mean that you should pass this game up. Where it lacks the feeling of charging at the enemy during battle, it makes up for in the guerilla warfare and the “omg…I wonder what’s gonna come out if here” department. The game also has some big boss battles but they’re not as huge as it was in the previous games, but trust me when I say that most of the battles in this game will keep you to the edge of your seat.

No more battalions, only teams!

This time around, there are no huge multiplayer team  vs. Team. It all comes down to squads of 8 members. There’s not much to say about multiplayer since we’ve already seen most of these features in other games; rank up, level unlock weapons, etc. Is all here, as well as your typical deathmatch and capture the flag matches.

Graphics: Did someone say beautiful?

The first thing you will realize when you buy this game is how much the series has evolved in looks as each game passes and is no different. The leap of graphic technology from the previous games is just phenomenal.

Even if the game doesn’t stack up against the other Sony titles in terms of graphics such as Little Big Planet 2 and Killzone 3, it comes very close to those that if Insomniac releases another title, it would basically be on the same caliber.

Sound of Suspense!

The voice acting of the game is decent throughout the game, though there are lines that would come across as “cheesy” and sometimes would ruin the moment, but c’mon so long as it sounds legit right?

The score of the game also took an overhaul, ditching the military-esc music into a more horror orientated music which sets the environment of the game just right at major key moments.

The Final verdict: BUY IT!

I honestly had doubts when Nathan was gonna be replaced by a different character since he was the face of Resistance ever since the dramatic climax of the second game.

The third installment presented a character we’re all familiar with: just some guy with a gun trying to survive. With more weapons and a great multiplayer and and awesome new look, I say everyone with a should join in the new Resistance.


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