Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Or I Paid 40 More Bucks Because I Already Spent 60 On A Beta Version

There’s a lot of salt in the sea when it comes to Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Some people are mad it costs less than the original. Some people are mad because this is what the game was supposed to be when it was released and some are mad because they already bought the first game, and are scared to buy this game, in case Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Arcade Edition comes out in another 6 months. Well, I’d hate for anyone to have to betray their morals, but Ultimate is well worth its 40 dollar price tag.

It’s a full and complete game. It has 48 characters; I felt they could have added more to round out everyone with a group of 3 from the same series. It also has a working net code and spectator mode, which was vastly missed from the previous game. This game is complete.

However, complete is not to say perfect. You can expect patches to come soon to fix errors in how high an attack hits, and rebalancing, and input recognition in Mission mode (which I experienced personally). Ultimate is however going to be very much alive in the fighting game scene, and that will drive sales. If you were good before, you’re still good now. But if you weren’t good, it’s going to be a long trip getting down Ultimate.

The buttons are simple, but the mechanics and correct execution are what set this game apart from the other fighting games. Everything in this game is a vast improvement from Vanilla Marvel VS Capcom 3, especially visually. There’s more care taken into the effects and looks of the game, and the extra polish makes it a much more fun game to play. Overall, bugs to be fixed included, Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 is such a well-made and fun game you might just forget you’ve given Capcom 100 dollars in total.


3 comments on “Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Or I Paid 40 More Bucks Because I Already Spent 60 On A Beta Version

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