Sweet November

Now that Sweet November has past, the next date to look out for is Big February. Technically January 31st, Big February will have two largely anticipated titles dropping. This gives you a reason to stay inside and avoid those lovey dovey couples that will be floating about for Valentine’s Day. Or something to do while your girlfriend forgives you for not talking to her because you were busy with Skyrim, Modern Warfare 3, or Saint’s Row 3. Soul Caliber V and Final Fantasy XIII-2 drop on the SAME DAY! That means fighting gamers and Final Fantasy fanatics can keep there thumbs busy all month long. With the already flooded market of QUALITY games, these two new titles in two very big name series will be a welcomed addition. FF13-2 promises more of the same that you loved with a continuation of the story from where it left off. Alternatively, SC5 promises revamped controls, new features, new characters, and a better balanced game then the last go-around. All in all, if you love RPGs or fighting games, this has been a power house season for you and there is more on the way.


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