With the rise of games as more than just a one man experience, online streaming videos of people playing games have begun to grow, turning it into more of a spectator sport. This has ofcourse boosted the market for websites that allow real time video streaming. once a dying idea, video streaming was largely composed of live chat rooms, often with celebrities, or live concerts streamed out to fans who couldn’t be there in person. One of the largest websites to build from this recent development is Twitch.TV. Their main source of video content is live streaming videogame play, and they are very open supporters of growing the fighting game community through video coverage. They hope that through a symbiotic relationship with the fighting game community they can get more website viewers by showing large events online, the community grows from seeing events, and the website grows from the community. With Modern Warfare and dedicated streams with other games, the videogame community could see some amazing growth into a legitimate sports franchise instead of being looked down upon as a hobby. The highest paying and largest gaming communities are Starcraft II and League of Legends, both of which set the cash precedent to back gaming as a money making franchose.


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