Big Laughs in Little Tokyo: Santa’s List Part 1

Here’s part 1 of the Big Laughs in Little Tokyo event. Hold on to your sides cuz heres Danny Gonzales, Jose Sanchez, our very own Raging Crow, Yasi Elie and Matthew Fazio

Our host with the most Danny “Dboy” Gonzales talks about the kids these days and how they stack up to kids from the 90’s

Check out Jose Sanchez he sings about poontang and when hes not getting it he’s avoiding jailbate tv shows.

Our very own Raging Crow talks about Japanese videogame stereotypes and how blacks and anime sometime just don’t mix.

Yasi Elie talks about her lesbian antics and her relatives discovery of anime in foreign countries. She’s a really funny chick who was a contestant in the AX last comic standing for 2011

You asked for it and here he is Matthew Fazio when he’s not sipping on juice, talking about women being weird and look at M.L.P. he’s making everyone crack up. So lock up your girlfriends and yell closing time heeeeeeres Fazio.


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