Thirsty Thursday’s: DJ Yuko

She’s got “SOUL” and she’s “SUPER BAD”! Fresh out of Japan to Los Angeles, DJ Yuko is a star on the rise. Not only has she got the looks, but she’s got the talent to match. A DJ from Hiroshima city Japan; DJ YUKO is a goddess of the turntables, and this past Saturday, I got to kick back and listen to her scratch at club EXCHANGE LA. She was a crowd pleaser, and maintained the pace and energy of the room for much of that night. In the brief time I got to chat with her, I discovered she wasn’t just a great DJ, but she was an authentic person (“Real” is something hard to find these days), and she was a sweetheart through and through. She reminded me of a younger “Namie Amuro”, whom is a musical legend and trendsetter of Japan’s music scene.

She was so intriguing, I went home and did some research to better understand her and the music scene of Japan. She is “the real McCoy”, she appears to be familiar with a wide range of music styles and is continuing to grow and expand. I noticed in my research and at the club, that she had a strong familiarity and influence from Black-music and culture. At the club she played a mix of R&B, West-coast classics, and popular Hip-hop. My favorite part of the night was probably hearing the playing of the classic “Smoke Weed Everyday” by Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre near the end of the night. She’s awed me with her charm and talent, and you should keep an eye out for her, and request her at any clubs you attend.

I’m sure after one performance she’ll probably make you into an avid fan and believer as she gives you the “dance-fever”. She made me into a fan-boy and die-hard supporter pretty much overnight, so you can expect my continued endorsement when it comes to her! For all these reasons and more, she has earned this site’s “GIRL OF THE WEEK” title! I’m pretty sure if you go listen and watch her perform that turntable magic, you will probably be happy to join the club with the quickness.

I am excited to see her career as it continues to blossom here and back in Japan. I expect that she will only continue to grow as an artist and improve; rocking every party she frequents. I’m Talor “T-DuBB” Williams, A.K.A. the “RPG-Guy” of this site, and this has been our “GIRL OF THE WEEK” DJ Yuko! Check her out on her site: and make sure to look her up on Facebook and click “LIKE” on her brand new fanpage!


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