The Vita has finally been released for those in the Land of the Rising Sun and Sony says sales have exceeded expectation. If twitter is a true societal litmus, you’d think there wasn’t a single person in Japan, or a lucky abroad, who doesn’t own one. The real mark of Sony’s success is people have yet to complain. The battery life is solid, especially for a device of its capability, it supports UMD games and downloads, and it can run your PS3. Japanese sales reports says it’s even boosted the sales of PS3s. This success seems to be a saving grace for Sony since the failure of its last handheld. If the response stays this strong for the Vita, you can expect more publishers to commit more titles to the system. Once is comes out here stateside, you can expect RagingNerds to do a full hands on review. But for now we have to take our brothers to the East’s word on it, and the say Thumbs Up.


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