Red Tails Review

World War II; do you remember the old days where WWII games had the throne in terms of cinematic experience and shooting capabilities? You would think it would be out dated in the movies but Lucas Arts has given the genre a new face that would dazzle audiences.

I wouldn’t want to say that the movie is historically accurate, but the the feel and the essence of the characters during this time gives a feel of personality to the movie of its own kind, it’s world war II told in a very heroic, somewhat video gaming vibe.

The story revolves around the people of the Tuskegee program to test if “negro” pilots have the skills and abilities of their “White” counter parts. As the story begins to play out, you grow somewhat into the world they live in. The biggest hook of the movie doesn’t come from the characters or the events that take place, it’s the “I wonder what if…” moments you get throughout: for example there is one instance in the movie where the pilots never seem to get into the heart of the battle, at that point you start to question what if this happens and what if they get into a fight with that.

As for the characters and the actors playing their part, it’s an awesome moment where you realize that you don’t need to know the characters back story in order to realize where they hail from and what their intention is. The characters personalities in the movie are literally so diverse that it is easy to tell who they are and what part they actually play in the whole cinematic experience.

Visual design & screen play:

This is the part of the movie that will draw you in, it’s literally the jaw dropping visuals, when watching this film you feel like you’re playing a videogame or watching an opening cinematic of a game. Remember the feeling you had when you saw 300 for the first time? It’s that kind of visual experience.

Lucas Arts literally spared no expense in the production of this movie and the sound design is also very authentic. Every gun, plane, and surrounding environment sounds legitimate. The actors play a good role of being part of history as well, though there are instances where you felt that the actors are just reading off the script.

Overall: 8/10
The movie will be by far to be memorable not because of the acting or story, but through its visuals. I’m not saying that the story is bad, but the visual is so intense that you usually forget you’re watching a WWII story of pilots who fought for the right to fight for their country, unlike any other WWII movie, this doesn’t go on the boarder of dark or gritty, but I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to start the year with a bang.


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