Soul Calibur 5

Soul Calibur 5 is as much a sacrifice to the movement of popularity as it is a betrayal to its fans. SC5 has all hooks that other games have to help draw in fans from other fighting game series. If you play the Soul Calibur series, there have been some additions and subtractions. But Supers and Ultras weren’t a normal dynamic of the game. Even though it wasn’t seen as the most technical game, its respects to spacing and timing made it a difficult game.

With these new additions to mimic more closely to the Street Fighter series, timing and spacing are thrown away in favour of reactions and random attacks. This brings the difficulty way down and makes respecting the series hard to do. The first domino fell with the use of Star Wars characters.

The game itself has some consistancy to the series, but the over all feeling is much more random. The characters are pretty much the same, with some palette swaps with name changes, but most things are the same. Most changes seem for the detriment of the series, but only time will tell!

~XXX Gamer


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