Sonic Generations Review

Sonic Generations revamped the Sonic series in a multitude of ways. It seems after several subpar and awful titles that SEGA just might not recover the respect and adulation from players and fans alike. Whether it was werehogs, knights or genies we all dealt with the same sorry plot and sometimes awkward styles of gameplay. However, Sonic Generations did something that hasn’t been done since the days of Sonic Advance and that was bring back our classic beloved hedgehog without setting themselves back.

Yes the classic hedgehog is back and living up to the hype we gave him in the early nineties. In Sonic Generations you can play as either classic or modern Sonic and each level has a version to complete. This gives the game tons of replayabilty on both ends of the spectrum whether you’re a classic or modern sonic fan. Of course with the revitalization of classic Sonic they threw in a lot of the old school levels that we’ve played probably thousands of times.

This includes Green Hill Zone, Chemical Plant Zone and Sky Sanctuary. Now it’s great to finally see some of these levels in 3d because unless you’ve Sonic Adventure 2 Battle you’ve only seen Green Hill as it was meant to be. Not only does it give the levels a new sense of freshness but it gives us classic players a lot to look forward to.

The levels aren’t without their problems however; even though we are given a lot of the classic stages we are also left to stomach the awful stages of Sonic 06, Unleashed and Colors. These levels really ground the game to a staggering pace for me and I found myself wanting to constantly hurry up and get through the later levels. Also on a personal level the fact that a Sonic the Hedgehog 3 level was not included really pissed me off. These levels shouldn’t have been included just for the simple fact that if we wanted these games we could easily buy them. We obviously own a next gen system otherwise we wouldn’t have this game in the first place. These awful titles are not expensive and if I really wanted to bury myself in Sonic 06 then I would.

Another problem this game poses is the fact that the bosses and rival matches can sometimes feel way to easy even on the harder difficulty. So many times have I found myself on auto-pilot for a lot of points in this game. Another glaring issue is the sidequests now I don’t fully mind them per say but there were like 90 sidequests in this game and so many of them were just repeats like the doppelganger race, increased speed or something involving one of Sonic’s friends. This tends to bog down the game with unnecessary missions to get the keys to continue to the boss fights.

However, this game really does redeem itself in a lot of lights. It has a really good speed representation of Sonic and for the first time in quite a while the story isn’t a convoluted mess like previous entries in the Sonic series. You are able to collect the Chaos Emeralds in game unlike Sonic Heroes and the voice acting is definitely better than its predecessors. The music is very fun and the remixes are definitely worth listening to. I personally prefer the City Escape remix and Rooftop Run. This game is a solid entry into the Sonic series and is worth the buy you won’t be left disappointed like previous titles and it gives something that the old school gamer and the new young bucks can all enjoy.

~Raging Crow


27 comments on “Sonic Generations Review

  1. “we are also left to stomach the awful stages of Sonic 06, Unleashed and Colors” “These awful titles are not expensive”

    What? Sonic Colors was a great game. Everyone loved it, including critics, so why are you calling it an awful game? I swear, people need to play Sonic games before judging them, not even half of them are bad.

    • I own these titles yes I have played Sonic Colors and I was not impressed by the story or the premise of it and that’s the quickest way to lose me. However, I do admit that it wasn’t nearly as bad as unleashed or 06 but that doesn’t make it a god send of a game. I’m even finishing up a Sonic History series of almost all the major titles I own almost every game. So before you say I should play Sonic games before judging them know that Sonic the Hedgehog is one of my favorite franchises and I have played all the major titles form the sublime to the horrid.
      ~Raging Crow

  2. So one of the games flaw is that it gives us levels from Sonic’s recent history? BAWWW WHY U DO THIS SEGA?! WE DON’T WANT THESE BAD LEVELS IN THE GAME. I’m sorry but this is showing us 20 years of the series. Not the first 10. this includes games like 06. This game shows that they can turn a crap level into something good and enjoyable. If your that butthurt that crisis city is in the game and your judging it on it’s past game and not what it is now, then i am truly disgusted.

  3. For those who haven’t read this review fully I actually really love this game read the review very carefully. My complaint about the stages are minor but honestly this game is one of the best Sonic entries since the dreamcast era. I love Sonic Generations and I hope Sega makes more titles like this but theres always room for improvement in areas. So for Hedgehog Boost and RedCap please read the WHOLE THING.
    ~Raging Crow

    • First of all, thank you for responding and taking into account the thoughts of your readers! I really appreciate it. 😀

      Secondly, they’re not upset that you criticized the game– they’re upset about how you went about your criticism. If you notice, both their comments mention this line of the review:

      “The levels aren’t without their problems however; even though we are given a lot of the classic stages we are also left to stomach the awful stages of Sonic 06, Unleashed and Colors.”

      This implies that you find these stages bad simply because of their source games. And, frankly, that makes no sense. All the levels were completely re-done for Generations. Tell me, if they were all re-designed -with both better controls and a re-vamped layout- how are the poor choices in the original games relevant? But even if those levels are somehow not as well re-designed as the previous levels, you never went about to explain why that’s so.

      I hope that clears things up. Thanks again for taking the time to read this!

      Also, one small nitpick: You are able to collect the Chaos Emeralds in Sonic Heroes, in a Sonic 2-inspired special stage, in fact. 😛

      • I’d always glad to read the comments posted on the site and as an avid Sonic the Hedgehog fan I’m also glad that this review has been even mentioned to others. I understand what you guys are saying I guess the best way I can say it is sometimes I find myself not enjoying the newer levels as much as the others. Sometimes it feels like the new levels have a few problems that may just be me nitpicking. If you don’t already know I actually really didn’t like Unleashed, 06, Colors, etc. which i will explain in a review coming very soon.

        Although the levels are in fact better than the original source material I felt that they could have chosen better levels for this game. i never liked Crisis City I mean it fit well for the storyline of 06 but it actually doesn’t make sense in Generations because that storyline is in another dimension and time period i.e. Silvers time period. Crisis city although better than the original because it controls a lot better and no running towards the camera it still has a few problems level design wise. The last part where you’re running towards the fire tornado and it’s shooting debris at you is frustrating because if I don fall to the second level I constantly get creamed by the debris however I did unlock the achievement for dodging all of it by pure luck. I think for 06 they could have either put Kingdom Valley or White Acropolis and I think it would have given the game more variety instead of 4 city levels (I.e. City escape, Crisis City, Rooftop Run and Speed Highway.

        Rooftop Run is probably the more enjoyable one of the three for me. I love the environment and the use of speed and the rail grind from the top of that tower. However, like Crisis City I feel that there were better choices. Rooftop Run to me sometimes has a sense of blandness unlike City Escape and Speed Highway and I know I shouldn’t compare levels but it just feels like a meh level. Rooftop Run is still the least problematic of the later levels but maybe they could have put Cool Edge in its stead (Just noticed there aren’t any ice levels).

        Planet Wisp really bothers me on a few levels. In classic mode the Pink wisp really aggravates me and slows the level down. Not that I should just rush through it but a lot of times I felt that the wisp made getting through the stage sometimes more difficult than necessary. The level is way too long and I have had many glitch problems in the modern version of the level. I have gotten stuck behind walls and I recorded one of those incidents in my Sonic Generations Let’s Play.

        Oh my comment on Sonic Heroes I meant that the emeralds can be collected outside the story like if you replay the levels you can redo it and get the emerald and also i never really liked the way Heroes made emerald collection because the tube feel would sometimes make my character slow down even if I’m using burst.

        Thank you for taking time to read this review and giving your feedback I am a huge Sonic fan and this game makes me nervous its excellent but I don’t want it to be a flash in the pan and Sega puts out another Sonic and the Secret Rings. Check out my legacy of Sonic the hedgehog series here and you can see my thoughts on the Sonic series.
        ~Raging Crow

        • Again, thanks very much for considering your readers’ thoughts!

          I totally understand your complaints with the level selection. It was nice that fans got to choose their favorite stages and all, but Sonic’s had so many level tropes and so few ended up getting recognition. It would have been nice to see an ice stage, or a casino one, or… well, any other level motif Sonic’s done.

          As for the newer games’ levels getting re-made, Generations was supposed to be a celebration of all of Sonic’s history, from past to present- and that includes the recent titles. While I would have loved to see more stages from the pre-Heroes titles for the same reasons you do, I understand what they were trying to accomplish, and I don’t think it’s fair to penalize Generations for being what it is.

          But on an ironic note, I actually agree that the “modern” era stages were among the weakest levels in the game. Not because they’re from the recent games, but because I think they simply weren’t as well-re-designed as the likes of some of other zones. Crisis City had too many bottomless pits and blink-and-you’ll-take-damage moments for my liking. Planet Wisp, as you said, focused way too much on the wisp powers, felt very cluttered and altogether just dragged on. Rooftop Run was okay, but, in my opinion, it shares the same issue as City Escape: it’s “flow” was not nearly as good as its original incarnation. I loved what they did with the confetti and balloons, though. It made the stage feel a billion times more livelier.

          Concerning Heroes, sorry about that, I misunderstood! My bad! But yeah, Heroes’ special stages were dreadfully glitchy, I’d loose all control if I took my character to the top of the tube.

          Anyway, I’m (very obviously :P) a Sonic fan, too, and I hope Generations is a sign of good things to come. I’ll be sure to follow your series (as well as the rest of your site) in the future! 😀

          • Glad to hear from another Sonic fan. Also another thing I found weird about crisis city was the fact that it was used twice one for the stages and second for the rival match. Now if they had chosen another stage from 06 then crisis city would have worked in the rival match. It would have been interesting to throw in levels from Sonic 3, Sonic CD or hell Sonic 3D Blast. I think there’s a lot of room for creatively remaking these levels maybe they should add some new level packs for DLC. I’d buy it in a heartbeat. I’m with you I pray this is the extra boost the Sonic franchise needed to get back into the limelight.
            ~Raging Crow

            • Thanks for making your problem with those levels a little more clear. While Crisis city has it’s flaws I find it one of my favorite stages to play. Rooftop Run i love in this game. It had more to do compared to the original. And PW i 100% agree with you. I personally hope we get a Secret rings stage like night palace and a Sonic 3 stage.(ice cap or carnival night)

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