Little Deviants Review

Another PSVITA title I have had the good fortune of playing is Little Deviants. Now the title doesn’t envoke a lot of energy but I guarantee when you play this you’ll immediately get sucked into the shear fun of this game. It has a very distinct charm and really utilizes the PSVITA. Whether your using the back of it as a touchscreen or using the camera function to fire at an armada of robots its just pure fun.

Now this game is a collection of mini-games where you either blast robots, find a vortex or navigate a tunnel system. What makes these games unique is the fact that you actually have to use the PSVITA to either control or direct your Deviants. Now I originally thought this game was gonna have all the fun of a game of Super Monkey Ball or something else like that but this game instantly sucked me in.

This title has a lot of games to play and quite a bit of replay value. I’d say give it a shot you definitely won’t be disappointed because of the shear lightheartedness of this game.

~Raging Crow


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