Best 3 Playful Ways to Get Touchy

Raging Nerds

Mostly everyone you see in the street has some type of touch screen or smart phone. Whether it’s an IPad, ITouch, IPhone or the well loved Androids, personally i have both an Android and an IPhone and like many people I usually get bored waiting in line, waiting for class to start and sometimes just suffering from boredom. So to help with that boredom I have my three little helpers.

The first game we have is for the Itouch & IPhone which is called Temple Run. Its not complicated as long as you have one finger and know how to tilt the device. The entire point of the game is you are a Tomb Raider-esque guy running from a temple while you are being chased by these evil demon monkeys, you collect coins so you can acquire boosts. You have to tilt side to side, jump  over tree trunks and ditches but there is MORE you have to slide under fire and under skeleton traps. Sounds easy, but it’s quite addicting even more so than Angry Birds.

Number two on this list is an addictive game that’s found its way to my thumb one too many times this week is Dismount. Dismount involves strategically pushing a rag doll figure so it falls through a small obstacle course. For every flip and bang you get point. The more points you get the better your high score, something like Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3. If you don’t mind being at the mercy of the basic free levels, this game is fun at no cost. For extra levels, power ups, and rag dolls, you’ll have to pay for the bundles but those are only a dollar each. This game is hours of fun and watching a rag doll get tossed around violently can release some stress.

Number three on this list is the timeless Angry Birds, this game is fun to play ALL the time, even in the bathroom. there are many levels for this game and its a super strategy game.

Aiming birds precariously to destroy the evil pigs and their houses. Then the levels get increasingly more difficult when you have to determine which type of bird to use for against the type of steel. In addition there are different versions which include Angry Birds Rio & Angry Birds Seasons.

~XXX Gamer


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