Batman: Arkham City DLC

I know this might be late, but im a poor college student who works a part time job and had a small tiff with The Playstation Network (which im still salty about) so I was only now able to finally buy not only Robin & Nightwing BUT the entire downloadable content for Arkham City, so much win.

I am saddened that I can’t do story mode with Robin or Nightwing, personaly I think they should have somehow incorporated it into the actual main story or done side missions only they could do. But that’s me being a fan, the game was already amazing and im sure that would of taken so much more time and not to mention space but hey at least I can do the Riddler’s Revenge section aka Challenge maps which are broken down into Ranked Challenges where you have to beat your previous score or go against other payers top scores then we have Campaigns where you do riddlers challenges and you decide which modifiers to use, Finally there are the Custom Challenges where you pick a map and “obstacles” and you can play this as Batman, Catwoman, Robin or Nightwing. So you see Robin and Nightwing are NOT a must in case you still haven’t purchased these things but I am the queen of Nerds so I had to get this no matter what. I’m a huge Batman fan so I wanted to be able to use different skins for Batman such as follows : Animated Series Batman, The Dark Night Returns Batman, Year One Batman , Earth One Batman, Batman Beyond Batman (btw I hate Terry McGinnis) . 1970’s Batman, & finally Sinestro Corps Batman.

For Robin they have three skins which are : the “normal” AC Robin. , Animated Series Robin & Red Robin

Finally we have nightwing which only has one skin apart fro the “normal” AC skin which is Animated Series Nightwing .

This picture will have to suffice because I could not fine legitimate pictures, racists. I still love you Dick Grayson !

I won’t mention Catwoman because im sure most people got her DL plus im sure ive spoken of it all before. So back to Robin who by the way is actually Tim Drake and I was confused why they gave him the Animated Series Skin seeing as in the Animated Series that robin was Dick Grayson, so I mean if we wanted to get all legit here that skin would of gone under Nightwings skins, told you I was a nerd but yes robins weapons include a bo staff which he uses as his primary weapon.

His gadgets include Explosive gel, Snap Flash,a bullet shield (deflects attacks, and bullets from front, although sides and back are still vulnerable), smoke pellets, shurikens (stylized batarangs), remote control shurikens, and a zip-kick which is capable of launching Robin forward to be able to kick an enemy from a distance.

Then Nightwing uses two electric eskrima sticks, one for each hand as his main weapons his gadets include the Batclaw, the Line Launcher, the Disruptor, Wing-Dings which are essentially atarangs and Electric Blasts similar to Explosive Gel, only quicker. He cant glide in the game because he has no cape. In a nut shell if you have extra time and feel like spending 14.99 for the entire Arkham City Bundle then purchase it if you don’t care much about it but want either robin or just nightwing be repared to spend 4.99 – 6.99. this is the xxxgamer signing out.

~XXX Gamer


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