Smudged Ink: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a lot of things, most of which make me shocked that it made its way to TV. Given the TV Show is nowhere near a subsequent telling of the comic book, it does carry a more toned down element of the story. In the books of The Walking Dead no one is safe. There are no rules as the characters are needed to keep a consistency in story arc.

Anyone can die. Rick can die. Lori can die. Carl can die. And they don’t always need a heroic or deep death, just a one panel flash in a time of peace or chaos. This is what brings a shocking and long lasting sense of realism to the books. All of the happenings in the storyline are as random yet free flowing as life. And with this realism brings a suffocating need to survive at any cost. Also, no one is a saint. Everyone works for their own survival and wellbeing, even if it’s at others expense.

There are clear set rules to the world of The Walking Dead, all of which seem deeply thought out. Anyone can become a zombie. Like any normal virus, you can have it already in you with death being its activator. And the Zombies are not fast or smart, making them deadlier than you would imagine. The cast of The Walking Dead isn’t concrete, which would make sense in an ever dangerous zombie apocalypse.

The view is omniscient third person, so there is no need for a driving main character, though for the most part the story follows the adventures of Rick. Rick is a sheriff who, after surviving a gunshot wound on duty, wakes up in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world. His dedication to his family is what drives him to survive, and for him surviving is easier in numbers. This leads him to become the leader of his group, though ever changing, and try his best to keep them all alive.

Through gripping tales of sacrifice and misfortune, but also hope and resilience, The Walking Dead takes the reader on a fully immersing adventure of a world falling apart. As a continuing series, The Walking Dead is a must read for Zombie fans or comic book fans in general.


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