Mass Effect 3 Ending?!

Here at Raging Nerds, we have extensively and with such prejudice, lashed out in anger when we finished Mass Effect 3 and the cool part is: the whole Internet was with us!

For those of you just joining, the ending in Mass Effect is only described in one word: BULLSHIT!!! There honestly were just 3 types of endings: Blue, Red, and Green. What do they mean you ask? Well we’ll not spoil it for you but rather, well…thats basically it, it was just colors to how you “saved” the galaxy.

We had such high hopes for BioWare to make their Mass Effect franchise that we expected to put this in our hall of fame, but, as usual, it let us down like some other games in the past.

Now to the real deal, BioWare announced something that also got us into a rage, which was: Mass Effect: Extended Cut. So what is this? This is the DLC that you all have been barking about. Is it free? It better be free right? Well, there’s no answer to that yet but chances are; since BioWare is currently owned by EA, it’ll be a paid DLC. As much as it is an artform, videogames are first and foremost, a business so of course they’ll screw us over.


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