Melting Rocks Into Gold

You don’t always have to be serious; sometimes you just want a little fun. RockMelt is serious fun. RockMelt is more of a web app than a serious browser, like comparing a Netbook to a Notebook. But for some people, that is just the speed you’re looking for RockMelt connects with all your social sites and has apps for most regular visited sites.

If you hate checking the same site over and over to find out if they’ve updated, this is definitely for you. It’s fast too, which is my favourite part. It runs plenty of tabs at the same time while still updating your sidebar apps. So, how it works is you download the browser, install, log into your Facebook with it, and then set up what sites you want to keep track of. Those sites will show up on the left side in a thin bar. When you click on them it’ll give you a small messenger window with a multimedia RSS style box still on the browser. You can look down it to see what’s new or open it in a new tab to read things full screen.

On the right side is your Facebook online chat. It works the same as Facebook with the chat showing up on the bottom right. On the top left are your Facebook notifications the same as they would show up on the website. RockMelt is obviously geared more toward social media and constantly updating sites. I feel like it’s more of a fun app because if you have work to do, you’re sure to get distracted. But if you’re trying to kick back and nerf herd the internet, this is for sure the browser for you.
Download Website:RockMelt


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