A Letter of Apology: The Avengers

Today, The Avengers will premiere. It will premiere without the cast you love. It will premiere without any of the many incarnations of the cast. And it is sad. It is a loss to us all. But fellow fans it is a necessary loss. What will hit the screens today is the cream of the crop. It will be a proverbial lean steak with garnishing to fill out the meal. It will be X Men Universe free and it will be for the good of us all.

The Avengers is NOT a superhero movie. It is a Hero Movie. You can tell this by looking at the roster. Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, the Hulk, Black Widow, and Hawkeye are all people without super powers. Captain America is a normal human being who can operate at peak human levels. This does make him faster and stronger than most, but nothing beyond human capabilities. Any human can do what Captain America does, and most to a lesser degree. Iron Man is the greatest example of a normal human being. He is a brilliant engineer, but nothing beyond the concepts of this world, he does not have mutated super intelligence. The same can be said for Hawkeye’s aim and Black Widow’s fighting ability, all within human constructs.

What can be argued is the members Thor and the Hulk. Thor is an exception, he does have abilities beyond that of a human, but he is also not a human to begin with, but a god. The Hulk would be the strongest argument as to why Wolverine should be in the movie. The Hulk, though having beyond human size and strength, is a human most of the time. He is a mutation, but has a purely human form. His Hulk form is not a super power, it is a mutation. It is a transformation. In some cases it is an entirely different mentality beyond his control. You can control a super power, Bruce Banner can not 100% control the Hulk while keeping his intellect.

Now for the characters you’ll miss. Wolverine will not be a major part of The Avengers and will most likely not even make a cameo. I would bet money on it, seeing as he did not make a cameo in the Captain America movie. He is an X Men. If the Avengers VS X Men comic book run makes enough interest, you may see him in THAT movie, but I am sure not this movie. It would be too hard and encompassing to integrate the entire X Men story into this film in order to explain both group’s existence. You would have had to start from the very beginning of this domino effect when the Hulk movie was made. The X Men as a movie series itself has not been the strongest either. With a failing general arch from movie to movie; their fan base has dwindled in regards to its movies. Coupling the X Men movie’s world with the Avenger’s world would have weighed the Avengers down and we might not have even made it to this milestone, all just for one character. That is a gamble too big to make, even if it costs the love of the fans. It is the same reason you will not see Spiderman.

What you can hope for is a cameo of Ant-Man and the Wasp; they will have “Small Roles” (Ha-ha.). What Hollywood has done to our Avengers is make them as close as possible to what we know and love without making it hard for the general public to get into and also keep the failings of other superhero movies from dragging them down. And to do that they have cut out some of the characters we love, and replaced them with Black Widow.

Some of the sharpest teeth I have seen against this movie have been those who do not want Black Widow in the Avengers. Yes, it is a sellout. Yes, they do want to win over their key demographic by shoving Scarlett Johansson in tight leather and parading her on screen. But let’s face it, as wrong as it is, the team does need to be rounded out and Scarlett Johansson is not a bad way to do it. For men and women mad at the fact she has infected our Avengers, I counter with this: There are 4 men on camera for the majority of the film. Captain America is buff, Hawkeye is buff, Thor is buff with long flowing hair, and Iron Man is the embodiment of suave. So is it really that bad to inject what is, and I admit, a cliché strong, empowered, woman onto the team of balance the level of testosterone? There is already an incredible amount of eye candy for the women to take a look at, why not give the men something more than explosives. And once you say it is still a travesty, you effectively throw the equalization of women out the window. Black Widow does not balance the team. She is more of a plea to gender related affirmative action. But she is a step.

The super hero movie market is saturated with good movies with male heroes and bad movies with female heroes. Maybe adding a female to a set of males could give them a point on the scoreboard. She is not a bad actress, and women got the entire Thor movie to gawk over a man with few to no speaking lines, chill out.

I do not expect everyone to agree with me, but I do hope that people against the movie will give it a shot, or view it with an open mind. I also hope those who saw it before reading this can forgive the makers of The Avengers and see why they had to make the tough choices. They just do what they think is best, while still pleasing those they can.


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