Hey Bats! I’m Baaaack

So the internet outlets have been abuzz with the news that by May 30 or so we may all be able to play as not only Batman but Robin in Arkham City but as Harley Quinn in another DLC for PS3 & Xbox 360! I know maybe the Robin Nightwing DLC wasn’t that amazing but this is actually a “final chapter.” It will feature over two hours of fresh game play; the mission will send players back into Arkham City to face the final challenge but instead of doing the Batman or Catwoman toggle you will have Robin (I am nerdgasming as I type) but you won’t just have to use the different characters tools and combat skills you will actually explore new environments and an all new gang of thugs.

You don’t wanna mess with a pregnant Harley or any pregnant woman for that matter, I mean we all found that easter egg no? So I’m going to go with she is carrying baby joker’s and will still want to beat the crap out of you for what you did to her puddin’. Before it slips my mind in this trailer there is also a part where you see the Batmobile in what is the Batcave, how do I know this well because you hear “Batcave security compromised.”

So I’m waiting for that DLC to show up on the Playstation Network and downloading it and I will have the complete DLC for Arkham City –remember gamers I’m the biggest Batman fan of course I own it ALL- so keep your eyes & ear pealed for “Harley Quinn’s Revenge” coming soon.

~XXX Gamer


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