Saving Face: Getting Zen Into Your Desktop

Do you hate the look of your desktop? Do you wish the little bar at the bottom was gone? Do you want to make things look better so you feel better using your computer. Well then I am going to help you customize your desktop so you can feel as cool looking at it and using it as you feel in real life.

First, lets clear off the piles of icons covering up your wallpaper. Its hard to see your cool background with a bunch of files in the way. If you’re as strict about organization as me, you’ll want to redo your file organization from the ground up. If you just do not care, throw it all into a file called Desktop. It’ll keep everything together and you wont have to stare at all those files. It will feel a lot more zen. Leave that file on your desktop, you’ll need it later, and get yourself a cool new wallpaper now that you see what you’re working with. I’m using Windows 7, and I’m guessing most of you are too. Go to personalization and get fancy. Find a wallpaper for how cool you are and make it pop with a theme that matches. Nothing but the best for the best.

Now let us stick one to those Macintosh users and get the same bottom bar as them. It is called [RocketDock] It’ll keep your active programs and shortcuts in order and it will still keep your desktop spacious. If you’re blind you can make it big. If you want the extra space you can make it small. It’s a program, so it will take a few processes, but it is well worth it.
Download: [RocketDock]

So our desktop is clear and our usual suspect programs are in a nice little dock. But hey, why not give yourself a cool clock or a calender. [Rainmeter] gives you freedom to customize your desktop with themed widget and individualize the look and feel of your interface. You can choose from an ever growing list of user submitted free themes and even mix and match. No matter how futuristic, natural, or classy you want your desktop to look, [Rainmeter] has something for you.
Download: [Rainmeter]

Now that you are sitting pretty, take a screenshot of your cool new desktop and send it to us at


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