Tomo Neko Maid Cafe 2012

Just like last year I was fortunate enough to check out the Tomo Neko Maid Cafe. Now if you managed to see last years event and thought that was a spectacle this year had much more to offer. This event had more maids and butlers, more entertainment and for you fans there were famous voice actors. However, just like before the event’s proceeds went to a charity. This time it was Child’s Play(, an organization that helps children’s rehabilitation with toys and video games.

This event was very fun and was full of highly energetic maids and butlers all in unique costumes. Well, once again if you missed the event I’m here to fill in all the gaps. After we were all seated we were once again dazzled by Miyuki Matsunaga’s dance performance (If you haven’t seen her dance a video will be posted soon). Once again she really wowed the crowd and added a nice blend of Japanese culture to the event in more ways than just animation.

After that rousing start we were introduced to all the celebrities who made an appearence. It was quite an impressive selection of talent from all corners of the nerd world. Now the maids and butlers are more than just your servers and four of them showed off a skit that was really entertaining which included dance, comedy and a very impressive musical number.

Now the Chocolate Covered Cosplayers are no stranger to Raging Nerds and their very own Ashphord Jacoway performed her I Wish My Life Was An RPG sketch and not only was it entertaining it was enlightening and informative. She’s definately worth looking up and you will not be dissapointed. After a few prize giveaways(which once again I didn’t win) we were presented the closing ceremonies which was a huge choreographed song and dance number with almost all the maids and butlers and just like last year you left feeling good for what you saw, what you’ve done and who you were with.


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