Son of a Tweet

Wonder who follows you on Twitter? Or more importantly who doesn’t follow you on twitter? There is a neat little website I use to keep everything in line called [FriendOrFollow]. It looks up who you follow, who you do not follow, and most importantly who doesn’t follow you. By logging into your twitter account through the site, you can even unfollow the little snakes right on the site, no need to check back and forth to find each name individually. Clean, simple, easy, just how we like it.

Now people unfollowing you is not always their fault. Sometimes its your fault, and I’ve got a nice little website that tells you why they hate you on Twitter. [Klouchebag] is a niftly little website with the same notion, you enter your Twitter name and it tells you what you want to know. Do you curse too much? Do you retweet too much? Does your English suck? The worst offense of all, and the one most people commit, linking every other social app to your Twitter, is the one I look for. [Klouchebag] will tell you all of this and hopefully that unfollowed list will not grow anymore.


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