King of Fighters…i?!

It would be a shame if we didn’t start reviewing games for the mobile market since the market has grown ever since the invention of online content distribution; and boy did it grow.

Ok, here’s a question: what’s the closest rival of street fighter? I bet 80% of you reading this are thinking King of Fighters, and well you’re right, in terms of 2D fighting games that is.

King of Fighters “i” was released on the App Store and Google(Android Market for those of you who are behind) about a month ago in response to the release of Street Fighter on the same platform. True to the KOF series, the game presents the same cast and gameplay styles of its arcade and console counterparts. So hardcore fans don’t have to fret over any “big” changes, and as for the new entrants into the series, this game is nothing short of outstanding.

Features: 9/10

This game comes jam packed with features for a mobile translation; it has your typical single player type of games such as: time trial and survival modes and it has your online multiplayer mode for both the hardcore sit-at-home gamers and the travelers. Bluetooth is also included for those who have friends (if you have any who is within walking distance…not that I’m saying you don’t want to walk as far as 20 steps to your neighbor’s house…if you have friends…) nearby. There are also some features the developers added that are questionable, like “communications”. Which basically means to have the ability to go to Twitter or Facebook, it’s not a needed feature but hey it’s there right? You also have the trading cards to collect and the endings for all the characters. Did I even mention the characters? No?!

There are 32 in total you can use in each with its own dialogue to say against any other character in a fight and their own play styles. KOFi also features some new characters in the game which is a cool twist for those wanting to see more from SNK. I would try to fit more about the features of the game, but I have to save some for the gameplay.

Gameplay: 8.5/10

KOFi is a wonder to play, if you’re a novice player, that is. It just feels right on the touch screen, using special attacks and combos are just a breeze and it still amazes me that I have this on my phone. The only thing that bothers me about it is the fact that I don’t use any other buttons aside the S for special attacks and the bars on your character (special meter bar and your picture) to execute the finishing attacks. As for the experienced gamers in the genre, there’s an option for you to change the controls, but I strongly advise against it, especially online since there is no buttons present to keep track of what in God’s blazes you are pressing on your touch screen, also if you’re gonna choose this option you might end up cracking the screen of your mobile device.

Final score: 8.8/10

Is this the best fighting game on the mobile market? Well that is up for debate, there are thousands of fighting games out there in the online distribution stores in your mobile market. One of them could be a better game than this, but is this one of the great games out there? Heck yeah it is, and I suggest you buy it; not only is it good but you’re just dishing out $5! That’s cheaper than a McDonald’s value menu combo! King of Fighters “i” or KOFi is available for the iPhone and Android phones.


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