Let The Games Begin

Whether you’re bored at home or bored at your work here are my top three picks this week for games that don’t require much except your keyboard and maybe some patience, all thanks to

1. I Saw Her Standing There – all you need is the arrow keys and you will play a very simple game that has all your favorite elements Zombies, violence & love, yes I know that last one is iffy but it’s a sweet game but it will be entertaining. I won’t give too much away this quite a challenging game but hey maybe send it to your significant other if you have one and watch them coo over how sweet you are.

2. Pretentious Game – This is another lovey game but apart from that its challenging and better not fall or you won’t get to your goal that sexy pink box you are trying to get to don’t knock it just try it and let me know how you like it

3. Hobo – This might not be for the weak stomaches so this is far from the two “adorable” games mentioned above this game is exactly what you think you are a hobo and well you get to go around punching and kicking people or throw things at them, as you progress in the game you get upgrades which are like I said very disturbing like vomiting, pooping and even passing gas. So if you can stomach this have fun being a crazy hobo.

Keep you eyes peeled for new game reviews coming soon, i play just for you.


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