E3 2012 Awards

Perfect World: Raiderz

The Raiderz team has definitely kept things consistent since they blew us away last year. The game has a lot of customizability that is just not shown these days allowing you to mix classes in what they call a “Classless System.” I love the combat system which allows you to in a sense beat a guy to death with their own limbs. This gives me more incentive to try battle in more ways than just hit and run tactics.

Trion Worlds: End of Nations

We understand that this has been in production over a year, but it’s the fact that the game updated this far, since we last saw it that made them win this award the second time. Ok so what has changed, well the looks, style and the fact that it is still a huge game that made this a giant amongst other RTS on the E3 show. Did I also mention it was free?

Square Enix: Sleeping Dogs

Ever watched a John Woo film? The action is very similar to this one, if you have played stranglehold, then you know how it plays, but it’s not as tedious as it sounds. The other reason that this game won an award is the fact that it goes to unexplored areas of the underground triad world; yes, there are games out there like this but none with this realism, it feels like an action movie but at the same time you know this is happening somewhere in the world.

Square Enix: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft, what happened to you? This game is just simply painful to watch, in a good way. Have you ever wondered why she became a badass? This is her story; we barely saw the demo and we couldn’t help think about her well-being to the point where we just want her to get off of that place she got herself in.

Ubisoft: Watch Dogs

This game…GEE-ZUS! It was a literal punch to the face during E3. This game was so secretive that they literally put it in a black box only for important people to see, luckily we were and wow…just wow, what would you do when you’re a hacker of the ages and the whole city is your playground? Bridges, cell phones, even stop lights are fair game to influence an outcome you want to happen. Bad guy in the car, turn all traffic lights red. Think you’re being spied on, jam all devices around you. On a side note, this game won awards even before E3 was over.

Perfect World: Dungeons and Dragons Neverwinter

Overall the best MMO offered at E3 this game really put the fun back in an online dungeons and dragons game. Unlike DDO there’s no clan whoring quests are a lot more fun and less repetitive and your characters are more than just people who just hack and slash allowing you to really implement strategy as expected from these kind of titles.

On live

Online streaming is a growing media; even gaming is already headed to the streaming age. OnLive won an award for their service and technology. They have proven that you don’t need a fast or high end PC to enjoy the games you like playing, you simply need a good Internet connection. Their demo showcased LA Noir (a hi-def game available for the current systems we have now) playing on a low end tablet with on screen touch controls. Simply amazing.

AVer media

We’ve always had a hard time making gameplay videos directly to be uploaded to the Internet. It always seemed that we need some form of advanced tech to get simple gameplay videos recorded, and it’s even harder when you need to record for the consoles. Their product makes it so that it is a plug and play device when you just connect and forget.

2K Games: BorderLands 2

This game won an award from the Guinness world record for having the most weapons in the game, how many weapons? How about 17 million of them? And now with easier co-op communication controls and a very easy to use interface, and more weapons, we won’t be surprised if they win…Again

Bandai Namco: Tekken Tag Tournament 2

We heard of street fighter, we heard of marvel vs. capcom, but what about the good 3D fighting games of the old? Well, Tekken tag 2 is making its debut soon and we can’t help but be at awe since the game has a very fluid style! Especially when it looks this wonderful! They brought back the original character rosters including the more obscure combatants and have taken strides to make this game more than just a tag based game.


Having a great booth doesn’t mean you have to have big screens or loud music. Sometimes K.I.S.S. (keep it simple stupid) goes a long way. A helpful team, easy access to games, organization, and the look and feel of the company makes a great mixture that turns this cocktail into a masterpiece! SEGA showed us what a great booth with fun titles and true hospitality really is and well more often than not that’s really appreciated by us during an event of such magnitude and scale.


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