Harley Quinn’s Revenge

So as i informed everyone a few months ago a new DLC for Batman Arkham City was to be put out revolving around the fact Joker’s dead & Harley is mourning in a way only she could. You start off playing as Robin who is looking for the whereabouts of Batman in addition to some of the GCPD officers (Gotham City Police Department) have been held hostage by Harley. Then you switch to Batman then back to Robin won’t spoil too much. There are new thugs and a new Titan thug as well.

The entire Steel Mill is now decorated with Harley Statues and Banners of Jokers Face and Harley even built a shrine for her puddin’. On a side note she is no longer with a baby, when you go to the office where the positive pregnancy test still is you notice a baby crib with Scarface painted over with jokers face and negative pregnancy tests scattered everywhere, so im sure this is the way the creators are saying hah got you guys. But back to the actual game, you get new trophies and have to destroy balloon just like the joker balloons in the normal game im sure you achieve a trophy for it but my main focus was to play the entire DLC before I did any of those small side things. I do have to say it was a very short game, good yes very but too short i was expecting more especially since it does cost around 10 bucks. It took me 2 or so hours to finish and well i say you should check it out if you are a fan its worth it in my opinion.


One comment on “Harley Quinn’s Revenge

  1. i gotta get arkham city for real now. that looks realy cool. hey I run a little comic review blog that i think you might be interested in. its
    nerdcorecomicsandmore.wordpress.com should check it out if you have a minute or two. its comics movies games and what ever else catches my eye really. id love a follow and ill definately follow back. can never have too many people to talk comics with.

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