Cheaters Feel the Payne

Max Payne 3 has taken what I feel is a huge leap in the right direction as far as online cheaters for their multiplayer matches. In a “pick on someone your own size” move, they have banished confirmed cheaters to the Hackers Oasis (as I call it). Here they can use what ever exploits they want against other exploit users, without disrupting other pure players who battle for the leader board or just enjoy the game.

This is a smart move by Rockstar for sure because they can take note of what hacks other gamers are using and work on fixing them without them becoming a huge problem for the rest of the community. What better way than gathering them all up could do that; and the hackers are happy because they still get to play and test  their stuff out against the rest of the exploit world.

Max Payne 3 hackers should actually be excited for this. The hackers I know are always up for a challenge, this should be no different. You get to be thrown into a crazy rule broken world of possibilities, which I would be excited just to watch, and you have to run a constant race. In the Hackers Oasis, you are most definitely being watched. And you have to both race against the developers trying to squash your exploits and race other hackers trying to find something even crazier to exploit in the game. Constant evolution is the name of the game. And always bring your biggest guns to the table.

Finally gamers, this should give you a relaxing sigh. With proper evidence, you can let your honed skills speak for you, and not worry about someone breaking the game to one up you. Only your ability will shine in the normal arena, where you can reign as a king for your accomplishments and not your exploits.

If this goes well, more games should pick this policy up. At best it will show you all, if any, holes you missed. And at worst it’ll give an alternate rules free zone of imagination in your multiplayer realms, separate from your core community.


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