Anime Expo 2012: Elsword

Now Elsword is a very interesting MMORPG with a different flair. I love RPG’s and Elsword added another game style that I haven’t seen on the modern consoles in some time and that’s side-scrolling. Now growing up with games like Golden Axe and Final Fight my ears immediately perk up when someone mentions side-scrolling. Elsword really manages to capture what I love from old school titles and modernize them.

Elsword’s boasts a 3d environment that actually interacts with your character. Occasionally you’ll have falling towers or debris that will crush you if you’re not careful. The actual art style of Elsword is actually very beautiful combining 3d graphics with Japanese anime which gives the player more to look at than just enemies and individual characters.

The characters in Elsword are very fun to use each having their own strengths and weaknesses. Not only that, but the characters can be customized with the skill tree allowing players who use the same character to have different style of play. Due to this customization having mixed parties will always ensure a fun time.

Watch Chung’s cinematic trailer here!

This game is free to play and Elsword will not disappoint you. You can have fun solo or with friends and each character will give you a different spin on hacking and slashing up enemies. This game will attract any type of player so get some friends together and play Elsword your way.


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