Journey, in a word, is innovation. Journey takes you on a trip, through stunning visuals and a universally connectable tale, which completely amerces you into its world. Journey is comprised of three things: visual beauty, control simplicity, and story relatablity. And for a twenty dollar price tag, it’s well worth its money.

First, let’s tackle the visuals. My God The Visuals. Journey is a blow away game off of its looks alone. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but this cover is beautiful. At full HD you can see all the individual grains of sand breeze past as you blow past. Beyond that is the beautifully cinematic use of light and shadow. Unbelievably smooth rendering, advanced graphics, and excellent mapping make the environments aesthetically pleasing. That is a major element in a game were you are stranded in the desert. There is magnificence to the vastness of what seems to be an unending ocean. Journey is brilliant and awe inspiring. Its complex use of warm and cool colors give a smooth transition of environment with little real texture change and a unifying feel. And with very minimal parts, a gorgeous game is born.


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