S.I.F Super Internet Fun #2

Do you think you are a master at unlocking achievements? Well then even if you aren’t you need to check these games out yes I’m not just talking about one single game but the entire series. It’s called Achievements Unlocked there are three installments of this game and let me tell you not only are they fun but the most current installment has over 400 achievement to unlock.

This game started as a simple one room style with very simple graphics and it was amazingly fun, with the main and only character being an elephant but I’m sure it got cramped in there so for the second installment the developers got more creative. They added floors you could go up or down while still holding true to the simple graphics and non difficult “levels.” Finally for the third game you have to collect things for a fat hamster but don’t worry it’s still very simple.

This has more of a Super Mario feel you can interact with a variety of things and get “power ups,” through all these games they have found such creative things to do. Literally you could just load the game and leave it on and still get achievements. I can’t give out too much because that’s what walk-through’s are for and trust me sometimes you WILL need them. At the moment I actually have Achievements loaded on another window and I still here the “ding” for “hey you acquired something new.” Whether you have run out of trophies to gather on PS3 or just bored at work granted you have access to the internet go check out these games! Believe me you won’t be able to turn away from the screen.


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