Super Mario 64 DS

Although this game came out in 2004 I recently discovered its existence after stealing it from a small child, probably not a true story. As a kid I LOVED Super Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64 it was the first console I ever owned yet i never owned this game. I would always go to play it at a Best Buy kind of store (don’t judge me i was only 5) or i would rent it from Blockbuster, may they rest in peace. To be honest my parents gave my system away and well I haven’t had time to buy a new one so I don’t remember much of the original game. However, for the DS version you start off by getting a letter from Princess Peach inviting Mario to come to her castle for a cake she has baked for him. Mario goes to the castle,followed by Luigi and Wario, that creepy pedophile looking fatty.

Ugh freaking gross.

Upon entering the castle the three of them just vanish then Lakitu finds Yoshi and tells him what happened and now Yoshi is on a mission to find his friends. So throughout the castle there are numerous paintings and secret walls which are also portals into the Twilight Zone…ok not quite they are portals to other worlds where Bowser has given Power stars to his minions to guard. So as Yoshi you collect keys to gain access to the doors where his friends are behind held captive. He first defeats Goomboss to free Mario, Mario then defeats King Boo to free Luigi who uses his invisibility power to get Wario’s key by defeating Chief Chilly.

Go Wuigi

Of course you also have your Bowser battles which the first two are simple and the third is as well but I’m stuck so im going to say its harder than the rest. However, once you beat Bowser for the last time Peach is freed and appears in front of the castle thanking everyone then obviously kisses Mario and bakes them the cake, that’s  right she is a woman and her place is in the kitchen baking. Then everyone stands in front of the castle and waves at you while Lakitu films and then flies off.

Insert Bowser battle number 2759 ACTION!

So this game has 15 worlds with 7 missions each, 150 stars to collect which is 30 more than the original game and rabbits you can catch depending what character you are. This will unlock mini games in the rec room for you to play. The Power Flower powers are Floating or a winged cap for Mario, Invisibility for Luigi (which helps him walk through walls or cages); Wario turns into steel which helps him walk under water. In case you need a different characters power in a level all you do is look at you map and more times than not there are caps in certain areas so you can switch between Mario, Luigi and Wario. This game is amazing and addictive I even play it during my break at work but I know not everyone’s a Mario fan and thats ok too, but now I have to get back to finishing the game and find that small child I stole it from…


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