The Little Things

Those of you who know my posts know that I like to explore the depth of something on its way to fruition. I like to see where it could go and what it could be in the future. That is the most exciting part. There is a world of mystery in a ball being thrown, and less in a ball on the ground. But there has been a recent problem, there is nothing big happening. There is no single grand act. Instead, in the world of geek, there are a thousand small acts. The general theme being: Your world will soon change and you are indifferent. Apple and Google are in a major lawsuit. We are back in the space race. Flash will soon be a thing of the past. There are no new quality games. The movies out are made for an audience that you do not completely fit into, but you could find some enjoyment. And all the new tech is like the old tech but allows you to be less of an expert and still achieve expert results.

There are some exceptions. The Molecule Synth is a fun toy to experiment with sound and has great hacking capabilities, but it is $250 to start and it is a first-run gadget. The Hiriko car is a compact vehicle that folds in on itself to be more compact. And Bill Gates is revolutionizing the toilet. But that is it in the world of innovations. Most news is of change. OnLive is sinking. Apple is in a huge lawsuit. And Flash is leaving your phone. And no one cares.

I find it amazing how hard the nerd community fights for innovation then is inactive in its inevitable change. The eyes of the community are hard to focus. There is a constant switching of what we deem note worthy. But its all the little things that will change how we function in life as a whole. Once the Apple lawsuit smoke has cleared, there could be some big changes and setbacks for all parties involved. that will mess with your tech, and it will mess with your mobile device freedom. OnLive’s hidden slow death will also greatly impact the online gaming world and its entire community. There should be a few nerd figureheads finding what can be done to convert or migrate the whole community. But work and most shocking of all is the indifference to the lose of flash. Flash was once a breaking point for choosing between Android and Apple. It would spark heated rage wars and a gang like mentality. But there isn’t a peep about it being taken off the mobile scene. Is there no developer that still wants to use the program? Is there no flash animator who needs it? What will the new flash be? Theres a thousand questions for this single topic. but its less of a why to the problem as it is a why to the community. Any reaction would be better than no reaction for these kinds of device-wide changes. The worst thing you could do is not say anything, because it makes the decision makers think that the community will go along silently to whatever is given to them. As Nerds and Geeks we have a stronger digital voice than any other group. And failure to use that voice could leave us mute.


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