Stan Lee Wants You to Go to Comikaze!

This isn’t just a comic convention. Actually there is more to Comikaze than meets the eye (ha-ha get it, no? OK.). There’s a little bit of everything for you guys whether you are into comics, gaming or just want to reminisce in a little nostalgia. I can assure you after seeing the lineup of guests and what’s being shown even I can have a change of heart.

Anyways I know the first thing you want to ask is, “Hey, how much is it?” “I mean Comic-Con is really expensive so can I afford Comikaze?” Well the answer to that is, yes. You want to go for a day? Well hey, it’s only 20 dollars and 20 if you want to enjoy the whole weekend. Now maybe you’re a skeptic and you want a little bang for your buck, not to worry they’ve got you covered.

Check out Elvira’s Horror Hunt!

Comikaze has a few reunions going on and one that I’m legitimately excited for is the original 1966 Batman television series. Yes I mean the Adam West series with Burt Ward and Julie Newmar. Now that alone has me ready to grab my Bat-camera to get a Bat-photo. Now if you attended last year you will remember the All That cast reunion. Well for all you 90’s kids they’ve brought back some more Nickelodeon awesomeness with the reunion of Salute Your Shorts and Wild and Crazy Kids.

Click image for reunion list!

Hey these aren’t all the people you’ll be able to see. There will be a lot of writers and voice actors who may have made some of your favorite shows or characters. Some people who will be there are C. Martin Croker (creator of Space Ghost Coast to Coast), Kirby Marrow (voice actor of Goku), Jon Schnepp (writer and director of Metalacolypse) and James Hong from Big Trouble in Little China. Ok that last one maybe a stretch for you guys but I actually have seen the movie and yes I like it.

Now the guest list is very impressive and well that’s only a bit of the fun. While you will of course be checking out the booths selling a plethora of good comics you will not want to forget the table top gaming. Now there will be tournaments going on for Magic the Gathering, Heroclix and of course Warhammer 40K. There will be prizes for the winners and also a few Magic the Gathering artists present as well. Also our friends at Cardboard Arcade will be there to play a couple games so don’t forget to check them out as well.

Click image for table top gaming!

Another new event they have is the Zombie Apocalypse survival course. Now you can choose to either be a zombie or a survivor at the registration page. It’s a 75,000 square feet course that will have you running, climbing and sliding your way to survival that is if you make it.

Click here to register for the Zombie Apocalypse Course!

What more can a person ask for? Well come check out Comikaze at the Los Angeles Convention Center September 15-16 and you will have an amazing experience without having to empty your wallet. However, that doesn’t mean that you won’t want to (wink wink).


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